The Benefits of Becoming an HGV Driver in 2023

Posted on 21st February 2023 By Geoff_Leapfrog

If you’ve been looking for a change of pace in your career, you might have begun thinking about a future as an HGV driver. After all, there are countless companies searching for these skilled professionals today, thanks to the nationwide shortage of HGV talent. You might have even seen a few job listings and wondered what HGV driving might be like.

Of course, since most of us spend more than half of our waking lives at work, it makes sense to ensure you’re really pursuing an opportunity that’s right for you, before you dive in. Today, we’re going to look at some of the biggest benefits of becoming an HGV driver right now.

1. There’s Plenty of Work Available

While efforts are consistently being made to rectify the HGV driver shortage in the UK, the issue still remains “chronic” according to experts. This means you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a role when you’ve finished your training and begin looking for a job. The great thing about HGV driving is there’s also a variety of different styles of jobs you can look into.

Depending on the kind of license you get, you can consider driving trucks and lorries throughout the UK, or you might be responsible for transporting goods overseas. Once you have your HGV licence, there’s no limit to the number of roles you can apply for. There are even career progression opportunities for experienced drivers too.

2. Flexibility and Variety

If you’ve ever spent time working in an office, you’ll know that the standard day-to-day schedule can start to feel a little boring after a while. This is rarely the case with HGV driving, because every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. You’ll constantly be exploring new avenues and locations, and you’ll essentially be getting paid to travel and expand your horizons.

Not to mention, many companies hiring HGV drivers today are offering their employees a lot more flexibility than they once had. You could have the opportunity to choose your preferred hours, or work flexibly according to your schedule. You can also choose whether you want to take on jobs that are closer to home, or further away, depending on your lifestyle.

3. Great Pay and Security

The shortage of HGV drivers in the UK has prompted companies to start offering professionals higher wages, better benefits, and more opportunities with their roles. This means you can earn an average of around £32,000 per week, even as a complete beginner. As you generate more skills and experience, your earning potential will only increase.

Not only does HGV driving offer you a great income, but it can also give you a better level of job security too. Companies always need HGV drivers, for everything from transporting goods, to making sure important chemicals and materials reach the right customers. A good driver with a qualification in HGV driving will always find career opportunities waiting for them.

4. Greater Independence

Working as an HGV driver doesn’t mean you’ll spend all of your time on your own. However, it does mean you’ll be able to act more independently, without a manager constantly looming over your shoulder. You’ll be responsible for making your own decisions a lot of the time, which can give you an excellent sense of freedom if you often feel restricted in a typical job. HGV driving can be an excellent chance to re-discover your self-esteem and confidence.

Because you’ve got so much to figure out for yourself in a HGV driving role, you’re also likely to spend less time feeling bored. You’re going to be constantly tackling new challenges, like driving in different conditions and learning how to navigate different roads.

5. Opportunities to Travel

As mentioned above, working as a HGV driver means you’re getting paid to travel to different locations in the comfort of your own high-quality vehicle. Depending on the nature of your job, you might get to explore different local areas close to your city or town, or you might spend your weeks trekking across the whole of the United Kingdom.

In some cases, HGV drivers even get opportunities to travel abroad, and spend time on ferries, or checking out hotels from overseas. If you have an adventurous mindset, and you don’t mind being away from home for a while, then a job as an HGV driver could be ideal for you.

6. It’s Easy to Get Started

Often, earning a high-paying job means spending a lot of time and effort developing your credentials, getting a degree, or earning recognition in your industry. While you’ll still need to work on gaining experience as an HGV driver to apply for higher-paid jobs, getting started in the industry is much easier than it seems. In fact, all you need to begin with is a driving licence, and to be over the age of 18. Once you’re ready, you can access the help of an HGV training company.

Your training company will give you all the guidance and support you need to get the right credentials, seek out jobs, and even pass your tests. Here at Surrey and Hampshire HGV training, we help countless people pass their HGV exams all the time.

7. You’ll be Doing a Valuable Service

HGV driving isn’t just a lucrative, fast-paced, and often fun job, it’s also a way to really contribute to the UK economy, and the world around you. We wouldn’t have the supermarkets, entertainment venues, and countless other assets we rely on today without HGV drivers.

As an HGV driver, you can rest assured you’re contributing to a thriving ecosystem in the UK economy, so you can feel satisfied and fulfilled by your job. Everyone loves knowing their role is making a real difference.

Is HGV Driving Right for You?

If the benefits above appeal to you, the first step to achieving your goals as an HGV driver is completing the right training. Reach out to Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training today to discover how we can help you take the first step in your new career. We’ll guide you through the training process every step of the way, with local lessons, and professional support.

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