Driver CPC

Which qualification do you need?

If you passed your CAR test AFTER January 1997, and will be using your license for work, you will need to take the Initial Driver CPC. This is as a result of a change in legislation which took place in September 2009. If you passed your CAR test BEFORE January 1997, and have a C1 or 7.5 ton entitlement on your license, you do NOT need to take the Driver CPC Initial Qualification, but you will need to complete the Periodic Training Requirement.

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Driver CPC – Initial Qualification

The Driver CPC Initial Qualification consists of two parts, 
Module 2 and Module 4.
Module 2 is a multiple choice case study test which is conducted at the Theory Test Centre. The purpose of the test is to check that you can apply your knowledge to an imagined scenario. Module 4 is a practical demonstration test which lasts approximately 30 minutes. It involves walking around a stationary vehicle with the examiner and demonstrating that you can complete several crucial checks. This is usually conducted after you have passed your practical test or during your training week. We will provide you with the revision material you need to pass both tests with flying colours, as well as thorough practical training on load restraints on our purpose-built Module 4 demonstration trolleys.

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Driver CPC – Periodic Training Requirement

If you haven’t completed 35 hours’ Periodic Training and registered it with the DVSA by the 5 year deadline date indicated on your Driver Qualification Card, you won’t be able to legally earn money from driving Heavy Goods Vehicles.

If you hold an existing Cat C or C1 license and you are unsure about how to reactivate your entitlements since the 2014 periodic training deadline, don’t worry – our Training Advisors can advise the best course of action to get you back on the road.

Any driver who obtained their LGV license AFTER September 2009 has 5 years to complete 35 hours periodic training from the date of completion of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.

  • You need to complete 5 modules, each 7 hours long.
  • That’s 35 hours in total.

Don’t worry, it needn’t be stressful. At Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training we offer a range of courses and options to make it easier for you to complete your Periodic Training.

Driver CPC – In-house Periodic Training

We provide JAUPT approved CPC training and aim to make your CPC training as enjoyable as possible. Our friendly CPC Trainers are focused on making the training as entertaining as it can be.

We won’t bore you with endless facts and figures – our course material is lively, interactive and fun.

Plus, if you’re a company and you have several drivers to train, we can come to you! Give us a call to discuss our Corporate Periodic Training options.

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