Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training – LGV Driver Training

At Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training we guide you through the entire LGV driver training process. If you are based in Surrey, London, Berkshire or Hampshire and would like to do your HGV or LGV training follow the step-by-step structure below and you can’t go wrong:

Step 1: Book a driver medical.

This is a simple health check focusing on ruling out common illnesses (e.g. Insulin dependent diabetes or epilepsy) that can affect you undertaking your HGV or LGV driver training in London or elsewhere locally. Unfortunately, we cannot organise this for you, as it has to be conducted in an unbiased way. Your own GP can conduct the medical for you (check beforehand as this can be costly); alternatively we can put you in touch with your local medical centre who can conduct the medical for around £50.

Make sure that you take your D1 licence application forms with you. You will find this in the starter pack we supply (if you have purchased one) or you can obtain one from the Post Office.

In the unlikely instance that you fail the medical you will receive an immediate and full refund on providing official proof of the medical fail from DVLA.

Step 2: Fill in provisional licence forms.

In order to begin your LGV or HGV driver training you must obtain a provisional licence from the DVLA. Fill in the relevant sections on you D1 licence application form. Your LGV or HGV licence should be returned to you within 21 working days.

Step 3: Book and complete your theory test.

In order to continue to the next stage of your training you must pass a theory test. The theory test consists of two parts, a video based hazard perception test and a highway code multiple choice, computer based test. We will provide you with a unique login for our dedicated online theory test revision software to help you prepare for the theory test. The software gives you the opportunity to learn on the go, as well as mock tests and sample questions.  Most people give themselves about 2 weeks to prepare for their theory test.

If you have purchased our starter pack, once you feel that you are ready for your theory test, call us and we will book it for you at your local DVSA Centre on a date to suit you. We will confirm this date to you in the post and via email.

Step 4: Book your practical training and test.

Once you have passed your theory test call us to book your practical driver training. We will get your training and test booked in for dates that are suitable for you.

HGV Driver Training in Surrey, London, Berkshire & Hampshire

If you would like to complete your HGV driver training in Surrey, London, Berkshire or Hampshire you must first complete your LGV driver training. Once you have obtained your LGV licence you must take a further practical test to become a HGV driver. We will guide you through the HGV training and test process from start to finish. Get in touch today to learn more.

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