How can your business benefit from organisation wide HGV training?

Posted on 25th June 2024 By Becky Hinshelwood

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Every day’s a school day, so they say, and for HGV training this is especially true. For organisations large and small, the initial and ongoing training of drivers is integral to the smooth running of the business and is something that is always on the radar. You may have drivers who are keeping on top of their periodic CPC requirements, employing new drivers, or promoting existing staff. Maybe it’s all of the above! This is why having a trusted training supplier to take all of this off your hands can be such a wise move. We look more into the business benefits of training partnerships. 

Training targets

So, in which circumstances might your organisation need HGV training? This is one of the key challenges for logistics managers, since they may be dealing with a variety of training needs at any one time. As an established HGV training provider, we understand all of these circumstances, and work with our corporate partners across the board. 

Initial licence training

With the shortage of professional drivers still very much a reality, many organisations choose to offer initial HGV driver training with a role. In this scenario, you’ll need to decide on the licence category, time scales, tests, and all of the paperwork surrounding the qualification. 

Initial CPC

As part of the professional HGV qualification, new drivers must pass the initial CPC. This regulation is really important for ensuring standards within professional driving. In addition, drivers can incur a fine if they drive without it. The CPC is made up of the case study theory test and practical demonstration elements of the driver testing process. 

Ongoing CPC 

Periodic CPC training is an ongoing requirement where drivers must undertake 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years. This training can be in person or online, and covers updated topics, skills, and legislation for professional HGV drivers. It’s really important for keeping knowledge and skills up to date and maintaining safety and efficiency. 

In house promotion

Perhaps you’re one of the many organisations who look to promote warehouse staff to driving. Or maybe you have existing drivers who want to advance their career with a higher licence category. This kind of in house promotion is great practice for an employer as you retain staff. However, it also requires significant administration! 

Business benefits

When your organisation works in partnership with one training supplier, there are a number of benefits. These cover professional development, efficiency and cost savings, and regulation compliance. Not to mention the fact that training in one form or another crops up sporadically, so having a partner on hand to manage it can save on your employee headcount!

Operational Costs

Investing in high quality HGV training can lead to significant savings. Well trained drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents, reducing repair and insurance costs. Efficient driving practices can also lower fuel consumption, further reducing operational expenses.


A fleet of well trained drivers can enhance your organisation’s reputation. This is great for your existing client relationships and new business opportunities. As an employer, your reputation for internal training and promotion will help you to attract the top talent.

Future Proofing 

Ongoing CPC requirements are crucial to keep on top of. Lapsed CPC can result in significant hours off the road for drivers, which will impact your business. Your professional training partner will manage this for you, ensuring that your drivers remain fully compliant and prudent with their training. 

Compliance with Regulations

Staying compliant with regulations is crucial for any logistics business in order to avoid hefty fines and legal issues. Ongoing training programmes ensure that your drivers are fully compliant with the latest regulations, giving you peace of mind and protecting your business from potential legal troubles.

Efficient Admin

Half of the challenge when it comes to business wide driver training programmes is the form filling. Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training handle all aspects of the admin, from scheduling to paperwork, allowing you to focus on other critical areas of your business. This efficiency ensures that your drivers are trained without disrupting your operations.

Pass Rates

High quality HGV training ensures that drivers have the practice and knowledge they need to pass. At Surrey & Hampshire HGV training, we offer ‘Sure Pass’. This is a guarantee that if one of your drivers fails, we provide additional training and another test at no extra cost. This guarantee ensures a high success rate and protects your investment in training.

Helpful How-to

So, as a business, how do you go about implementing a training program that covers all of the driver training requirements that you have? Here are some tips from the experts. 

Assess Your Training Needs

Start by assessing your current training needs. Evaluate your drivers’ skills and identify areas where additional training is required. Look at where you may promote in house or hire with training included. This assessment will help you determine the breadth of training that you require in the first instance.

Schedule Training Sessions

It’s important to schedule training sessions at times that are convenient for your drivers and ensure that the training does not disrupt your daily operations. At Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs.

Monitor Progress

Keep track of your drivers’ progress throughout the training programme. Monitoring progress ensures that your drivers are on the right track to successful course completion. This is something that we implement as standard at Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training. 

Continuous Learning

With periodic CPC regulations, HGV training is an ongoing process. High level continuous learning and skill development will help your drivers stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. It’s important that periodic CPC training is fully tracked and kept up with. 

Rewarding Excellence

Recognise and reward drivers who demonstrate excellence in their roles. Acknowledging their efforts can motivate other drivers to strive for similar levels of performance. Incentive programmes and recognition awards can be effective tools for promoting a culture of excellence.

Investing in training your existing and future HGV drivers is not just about compliance and ticking boxes. It’s about building a culture of safety, efficiency, and excellence. By partnering with a training supplier like us here at Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training, you can manage all of this without the administrative headaches. Contact us today and discover how our bespoke training solutions can benefit your business.

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