5 Myths on The Future of HGV Driving: Busted

Posted on 26th April 2022 By Geoff_Leapfrog

HGV driving continues to be an essential part of the UK economy, and a crucial job all around the globe. Whether it’s transporting essential equipment for leisure and entertainment companies, or transporting stock from warehouses, HGV professionals keep the world turning.

Unfortunately, the massive shortages in essential HGV talent are being exacerbated by constant misinformation not just about the nature of the job, but the future of HGV opportunities. As a result, countless would-be drivers are missing out on exciting, fulfilling, and well-paying roles.

If you’re interested in HGV driving, but you’re not sure what to believe about your future in the industry, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to bust 5 common myths about the opportunities out there for HGV drivers.

Myth 1: Women Can’t Drive HGVs

This is an absurd, and outdated concept in the HGV environment, particularly as demand for HGV experts continues to accelerate. There’s no gender requirement to be an excellent HGV driver. Anyone can learn to become an expert in their field with the right training.

While it’s true that more men have entered the industry in the past, women are increasingly discovering the benefits of a career in HGV driving for themselves. Increasing demand for skilled drivers is leading to updated opportunities and better working conditions for all drivers – no matter your gender, age, or background.

Today, anyone can find a fantastic driving opportunity either in their local area or driving across nations to help support the economy. Even better, with so much demand out there for HGV drivers, you’ll have your pick of benefits and wages.

Myth 2: It’s Getting Harder to Earn Qualifications

Staying ahead of the curve in the HGV industry may mean you need to update your certifications or knowledge from time to time. As rules of the road continue to change, and new regulations are implemented to make the roads safer, updated educational requirements are natural.

However, this doesn’t mean getting qualified is necessarily harder. Today, with support from companies like Surrey & Hampshire HGV driving, you can find local support from educators ready to help you get the most out of your HGV training sessions. 

No matter if you have existing knowledge you want to update, or you’re learning how to drive a HGV properly from scratch, support from the right educator will ensure that getting your qualifications feels like a breeze.

Myth 3: HGV Trucks will Disappear

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the world a more economical and eco-friendlier place. As large vehicles in need of a lot of fuel to operate, HGVs aren’t the most sustainable of the tools we use in today’s modern world. However, they are the best option we have for completing crucial tasks.

HGV trucks are still the only way to transport huge pieces of equipment, large amounts of stock, and other essentials to locations around the world. There’s simply no better method of transportation out there, which means we’re not going to run out of HGV trucks, or jobs any time soon. 

There is a chance, however, that the trucks and lorries you’ll be driving in the future might be more eco-friendly, and designed with different materials or tools built-in. This simply means you’ll have more technology and unique upgrades to take advantage of, so you can enjoy more of your time on the road, no matter where your role might take you. 

Myth 4: Drivers will be Replaced by Robots

This might seem like a sci-fi notion to some people, but since the rise of artificial intelligence, many professionals have begun to worry about the safety of their jobs. The reality is, there are AI tools out there capable of replacing certain jobs in our economy, but most of these jobs are full of repetitive, monotonous projects, like data entry.

While it’s true that professionals in the tech landscape are beginning to work on concepts like autonomous vehicles, which can drive themselves, there’s a long way to go before we get to a point where these tools are actually fit for purpose. Most of the companies investing in this area are looking at creating small autonomous vehicles, rather than trying to get complex large HGVs to drive themselves. 

Even if self-driving HGVs did one day become an option, the chances are they’d be very expensive, and impossible to invest in for a majority of companies. What’s more, the legal and safety repercussions associated with something going wrong with one of these vehicles would likely mean that a lot of companies will want to still keep a human professional behind the wheel.

At the very most, the chances are you’ll just see more bots in your dashboard, helping you to be safer on the roads, rather than a new fleet of HGV robots. 

Myth 5: Automation will Reduce Wages

If you’re concerned about bots in HGVs, you may also be worried about the rise of automation too. Automation in the professional landscape actually provides most professionals with a way to minimise repetitive tasks, so they can focus more of their time on the things they do best.

Already, automation has appeared in a wide range of industries, and it’s helping staff members to become more productive and efficient in their jobs. The one thing automation isn’t doing, is reducing wages by giving employees too little to do. The reality is that automation will simply make your job more rewarding, by allowing you to ignore the boring and repetitive tasks you hate doing.

HGV drivers will still be able to take advantage of excellent high-paying roles thanks to their exceptional training.

Don’t Believe the Myths

As easy it is to get carried away by the myths of the HGV industry, it’s important to remember that most of them are just chatter. Doing just a little research will show you the HGV driving landscape is here to stay, and it comes with endless opportunities for the most reliable employees. 

Don’t make the mistake of missing out on an HGV career. Earn your certification with Surrey & Hampshire HGV training today, and start looking for the perfect job! 

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