London Lorry Control Scheme approver updated for Olympics

Posted on 13th June 2012 By Charlotte Haye

Pie has updated its London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) route approver for the Olympics.

The service, run on behalf of scheme administrators London Councils, allows operators to have a compliant route generated online for a fee, granting them immediate approval.

The approver now takes into account Olympic and Paralympic Route Network restrictions such as temporary banned turns, road closures and changes to direction of flow, as well as road events and restricted areas.

Despite opposition from hauliers, the LLCS which applies to vehicles over 18-tonnes and prevents lorries using London as a cut through at night and the weekends, will remain in place this summer.

Freddie Talberg, chief executive of Pie Mapping, says: “The Games will inevitably cause delays and problems for drivers across London, but for hauliers who already have to stay compliant with night time and weekend delivery rules, changes to the ERN (excluded route network) add an additonal challenge.”

“That’s why we’ve updated the route approver to take aay the headache and fear of being fined.”

Despite the restrictions, the road transport industry stands ready to tackle the challenge of the Olympics but London’s councils are lagging behind, witnesses at a recent Transport Committee session claimed.

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