FTA Condemn CPC Training Complacency

Posted on 16th January 2014 By Charlotte McGhie

There are many drivers and operators across the United Kingdom who are still not taking driver CPC regulations as seriously as they should. While the DVSA states that companies and individuals are complying with the requirements on the whole, the Freight Transportation Association has warned drivers not to take the driver CPC training lightly, and has urged them to undergo the training as quickly as possible.

Less Than One Year Until CPC Deadline

Commercial drivers operating certain types of vehicles have to take the CPC training. There are two deadlines looming, based on the kind of licence the driver possesses. PCV licence holders have to undergo the training before 10 September 2013, while HGV licence holders must go through the course before September 2014. Thanks to these rather stringent deadlines, many believe that these time limits have been the crux of the issue.


Since HGV drivers only have time until September 2014 to enroll for CPC training, many feel there is very little breathing space. Also, since most drivers are paying for the training from their own pockets, others may not want to spend their hard-earned money on the whole exercise, until it is really necessary.


Majority Complying; Dangers For Those Who Aren’t
This said, most PCV drivers have already finished their driver CPC training. And, those who did not are now being handled on a case-by-case basis, along with the operators these drivers work for. Unfortunately, not being compliant is not an option for all commercial drivers. If a driver or an operator is found not conforming to the CPC regulations, then there would be severe repercussions to pay for. In fact, there have been instances of a PCV operator being fined £1,000 for using a non-certified driver to operate a vehicle. And, some drivers have actually lost their licences because of such non-adherence.

While there is no real effort to enforce the drivers to comply with the CPC training, there are routine checks being held that include CPC examination. Hence, drivers must get cautious and ensure that they immediately comply with the driver CPC training, or risk the penalties.

If you fall under the CPC regulation and want to undergo the training, Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training is the place for you. We offer training courses conducted by professional trainers. Our premises have a fully-equipped classroom; you can also take advantage of our break and refreshment facilities during your training course.

Our training is not just focused; we also try to make the proceedings entertaining, so that you do not lose track of things during the course of the training. In other words, we offer fun and interactive driver CPC training sessions that will help you grow as an HGV driver. Therefore, contact us today for your driver CPC training before that September deadline rolls around!

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