Strike While the Iron’s Hot – Make the Change Now

Posted on 10th January 2018 By Charlotte Haye

HGV Driver Trainer

HGV driving is one of those careers that people don’t always think about right away. But life behind the wheel can be incredibly fulfilling, challenging, and a far cry from the 9-5 most people are used to. But in today’s ever-changing world, the career of the HGV driver is becoming more and more popular. If you’ve never considered becoming an HGV driver, we have 5 reasons you should consider a new year’s career change.

There’s Always Work

If there’s one thing that’s true in the haulage industry, it’s that there’s no shortage of work. In fact, there are not enough drivers on the road to handle the amount of work there is. And with the average age of HGV drivers approaching retirement, there will be even more opportunities waiting out there.

Choose Your Own Hours

There is a lot of work out there for both independent and employed HGV drivers. One of the great things about the profession is that you can be flexible with your time and even place of work. So if you want to pick up and move across the country, you can be confident that you’ll be able to pick up work.

Assured Job Security

Haulage is an industry that will always be in demand, and as long as you stay professional there will always be work for you. A skilled job like an HGV driver has a higher level of job security than most, and will always be highly valued in the job industry.

High Earning Potential

Along with job security, HGV drivers have the potential to earn good money. The average HGV driver can earn upwards of £30,000 a year, depending on whether or not you are employed or self-employed. With direct employment, you also benefit from bonus packages based on performance criteria.

Anyone Can Do It

You don’t need a long, impressive CV to be an HGV driver. In fact, all you need is a little piece of pink laminated card. With a standard driver’s license, you can easily undertake the training required to become a fully qualified HGV driver, ready to take on the road.

And of course, there’s the secret 6th reason:

You Get To Drive A Big Truck!

Watch a child sitting on the floor with their toys, and you can bet they will go for the biggest, worst truck they can find and push it along the ground with screeches of joy. Nothing beats being able to fulfil the childhood dream of driving one of those big trucks for real, seeing the world and enjoying the freedom of it all. And come on, it’s a big truck!

At Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training, we help people just like you make the journey into becoming a fully-fledged HGV driver. Our experts work with aspiring drivers to help them understand their new career, take their training, learn the ropes and guide them through the HGV tests to success. For more information, just get in touch with one of our team today.

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