Six fleet operators re-sign with Bridgestone Truck Point

Posted on 2nd July 2012 By Charlotte Haye

Bridgestone’s fleet business has been further strengthened by the recent re-signing of no fewer than six companies to the Truck Point network.
Within the UK, Downton Transport and C&H Hauliers from England, NR Evans from Wales and Yuill & Dodds from Scotland chose Bridgestone to service their ongoing needs.

Additionally, Bridgestone also cemented its position within the Republic of Ireland with re-signs from National Truck Rentals in Dublin and Top Oils in Cork. Each fleet organisation opted to extend their contracts and continue to take advantage of the reduced administrative costs and increased efficiency the network provides.

Bridgestone’s Truck Point network provides fleets with a comprehensive central billing and tyre management package that collates all tyre activity across a fleet, and displays management information in a single, user-friendly web application.

The Truck Point network takes a proactive approach to tyre husbandry and aims to keep tyres on vehicles as long as possible in order to drive down fleet operating costs.

With the negative issues surrounding the economy placing pressure on fleet costs, the ability to retain customer contracts is reflected in the expert knowledge and ongoing support that Bridgestone’s account managers and the Truck Point network offers to its customers.

Andy Mathias, UK TBR product & marketing manager, at Bridgestone UK, said: “This group of fleet re-signs highlights the strengths of Truck Point and the day-to-day benefits that the system provides. As we know, business retention in the current climate is difficult, so these extensions serve to show the quality of the Bridgestone products and service. We believe Truck Point to be the best fleet solution currently on offer and these contract re-signs illustrate that.”

John Downton, Operations Director of CM Downton said: “Managing tyre costs through open book electronic reporting and utilising every millimeter of rubber whilst protecting the tyre casing is imperative to us – particularly with our rapidly expanding fleet portfolio and new contracts. Bridgestone have developed their tyre management solution to meet our needs over the previous years, and we are looking forward to working closely with them and their Truck Point network over the coming period to ‘sweat the assets’ further still.”

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