September 2014: Deadline for CPC Driver Training

Posted on 22nd February 2013 By Charlotte Haye

In 2014 HGV and LGV drivers across the UK will be heading towards the deadline for CPC driver training. September will be the deadline for many drivers that are legally required to complete CPC driver training; without this, they will be unable to legally drive for financial gain.

Here at Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training we specialise in the provision of high quality training courses to help get drivers onto the roads as competent, safe drivers. The required CPC training ensures that all drivers meet the necessary safety standards and are equipped with the necessary skills to drive safely for financial gain.

Who Is Required To Complete This Training?

You will be required to undertake training before September 2014 if you passed your car driving test before January in 1997.

For those that passed their car driving test after this date, you will be required to complete periodic CPC driver training every 5 years. The start date will be the date that you passed Module 4.

If you are obliged to complete your training before September 2014 and you do not, you will be driving illegally as your licence will be invalid. You will be in the same situation if you do not complete the training within the allotted 5 years.

Who Should You Go To?

At Surrey and Hampshire we have years of experience in providing the highest quality training for new HGV drivers and experienced drivers that need obligatory training.

We offer the necessary CPC driver training courses to ensure that you are able to continue your career as an HGV driver. These courses are required to involve 5 modules lasting 7 hours each to make up the necessary 35 hours of training.

If you would like more information about our training courses and the CPC driver training, please visit our website or get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

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