New Year, New Career

Posted on 16th January 2019 By Charlotte Haye

Well, 2018 is now firmly over, and it’s back to the grindstone. With the Christmas break behind us, workers all over the country have gone back to their desks to work that 9-5, thinking back to those days spent relaxing, playing board games and eating too much. Some people will be fine with this, but for others, the time will have triggered a shift in them. You might feel a bit tired, or unfulfilled, or like work doesn’t hold the same excitement and challenge any more. It’s a pretty common thing – we call is the January Blues. If you feel that the only way to cure your blues is to change careers, then you’re in luck – because the HGV industry is always hiring!

Enjoy Flexible Working

Being a HGV driver is the ultimate in flexible working. It’s just you, your lorry and the open road. You have a schedule and routes to stick to, but you have control and can choose what those schedules look like. You can even choose whether you work for a traditional employer or set up on your own. Being with an employer means greater security, less admin and more of a defined schedule, while being on your own gives you even more flexibility. Whatever you want to do, you can, it’s such a flexible career option.

Become a Part of the Shortage Solution

You may (or may not) know this, but the UK is experiencing one of the biggest driver shortages it’s ever seen. It’s gone on longer and become more severe than any shortage before it. As older drivers are leaving the profession, younger drivers aren’t coming up to fill the gaps. With the extra strain on our economy and the retail sector, this is quickly becoming a real problem. And what that means is that qualified HGV drivers are like gold dust for retail and haulage firms. Becoming a HGV driver would help prop up the economy and kick-start a solution to this huge shortage problem.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Speaking of being in demand, being a HGV driver has never been a more desirable career choice. And one of the bonuses of that is that the position pays quite well, with a base rate of £30,000 a year, with higher pay for different licenses held, experience and clean licences. On top of that, you have bonuses, healthcare and opportunities to upskill to increase your earning potential. Pay and benefits have never been better as a HGV driver.

Great Job Security

As we’ve already mentioned in this article, there are a few things that have a lot of UK workers nervous. Of course there is Brexit, but we also have things like the instability in America and with other EU states to contend with. All of this means that UK employees are trying to find safe, secure jobs that won’t be affected by Brexit. HGV driving is definitely in that camp. No matter what happens, transporting goods across the country will always be in demand, as it’s one of the things keeping our economy standing.

So, how do you start your career as an HGV driver this year? Well, the first thing you need to do is get some training and get qualified. That’s where we can help. At Surrey and Hampshire Training, we specialise in helping aspiring HGV drivers learn the ropes, and become competent, safe drivers of the future. We can even help place you in your first job once you qualify! To find out more about starting your HGV carer, just get in touch with the team today.

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