Lucy Taylor Passes HGV in Surrey first time!

Posted on 18th May 2016 By Charlotte McGhie

I have recently undertaken a 4 day intensive course under the guidance of

Matt, and I was totally overwhelmed to learn after my test I had

successfully passed my Cat C licence first time with only two minors. 

Matt has years of teaching experience, knew the test routes inside out, and

worked on my weaker areas during the training, he also allowed me to repeat

areas of the test routes I thought I needed more confidence on, having only

ever driven up to 3.5t and developing loads of bad habits with a nippy car

mentality, Matt knew he had his work cut out and even after hours of

training I still, on test day was unsure of my competence to pass and was

feeling the nerves. 

I knuckled down and when I concentrated all I could hear was Matts commanding but reassuring voice guiding me on my next move, which

resulted in my success- a first time pass! 

The guys at Surrey and Hampshire

HGV driver training have a great working relationship with each other, other

trainers and the examiners along with a phenomenal work ethic and genuinely

seem enjoy their jobs- I knew Matt was proud of me, and although he would never

admit it he knew he gave me the tools to pass and I used them wisely. I

would never hesitate to recommend any of the team to train you in whatever

HGV/big vehicle license you want or need in Surrey.

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