How Do I Pass My HGV Theory Test?

Posted on 22nd August 2018 By Charlotte Haye

So you’re about to take your HGV theory test. Congratulations! Learning to drive an HGV takes a lot of skill, hard work and a practical and theory qualification. For some people, just reading the words ‘theory test’ is enough to break them out in a cold sweat. Horrible memories of sitting exams at school, walking into strange test centres at 17 and taking your very first theory test – it’s enough to start you shaking with nerves all over again! But don’t worry, your HGV theory test doesn’t have to be like that. And if you’re preparing to take your HGV test, we have a few tips for you.

Know The Format

To make sure you have no nasty surprises on the day, it’s worth taking some time to get to know the format your theory test will take. Don’t make the mistake of assuming it will be just like your standard driving test – because it’s not. To give you a brief summary – your HGV theory will include 100 multiple choice questions, covering all aspects of the safe operation of a HGV. There will also be a hazard perception section that includes a written element, as well as a 19 videos for you to watch, each with 20 potential hazards for you to spot. These videos also come with 100 multiple choice questions. Knowing this ahead of time means that you will be able to prepare for it, and you won’t be surprised when you sit down.

Look Out For The Hazards Of Hazard Perception

One of the most challenging parts of the HGV theory test is the hazard perfection. Not because it’s particularly difficult, but because it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between normal activity and genuine potential dangers – and if you identify wrongly it can affect your score. Again, the best (and probably only) way to get around this is practising the hazard perception section. Online hazard perception tests are the perfect way to make your mistakes and learn from them before the real thing.

Do Plenty Of Practice Tests

This is the same advice you were probably given when you went to your first theory test – and that’s to practice, practice, practice. There are plenty of resources out there to help you practice your theory test before you take the real thing, and we advise you do as many as you can. This helps show you gaps in your knowledge that you need to fill before the test. It will also help you get familiar with the format, put you into the right mindset, and give you a good feeling for how well you might do.

Pick Our Brains!

At The LGV Training Centre, we have a wide range of trainers and experts on hand just waiting to help you pass your test. We have wide-ranging expertise and experience, and we want out students to benefit from this knowledge. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a complete novice, we want to help you. If you have a question, want to know the answer to a particularly tricky question or just want to get a feel for what you’re up against, just give us a call or get in touch with us by email to pick our brains.

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