HGV Training Insurance for Instructors in London

Posted on 5th April 2011 By Charlotte Haye

Being a HGV trainer can be a rewarding job, especially when you see your willing student walk out of the test centre, with a broad smile after they’ve successfully gained their full HGV licence. Passing a HGV test, as you’ll be aware as a trainer, can open up a number of opportunities. However before you can consider providing HGV training London it’s important to ensure that you have the relevant level of insurance with which to train someone safely and legally.

Having experience alone won’t help you train someone to gain a HGV licence, instead to take to the road you’ll be required to have the correct level of instructor insurance. Since the start of 2011 there’s been an introduction of heavier penalties for those that are caught driving without insurance – and as a HGV trainer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the relevant level of insurance; after all it’s not only your livelihood which could depend on it.

Unfortunately, many personal insurance policies won’t cover you to train someone else to drive a HGV vehicle; however it is possible to get insurance – either for use on one HGV vehicle or a fleet of HGVs. As with car insurance, insurance for HGVs can be tailored to cover against all common issues which can arise, such as fire, theft – of either the vehicle, contents or both, and accidents.

HGV instructor insurance will also include liability insurance, which will provide a level of liability cover should an accident occur which causes damage to another property or vehicle, or injury to someone else.

Here at Surrey and Hampshire Training, all of our trainers have the right level of insurance and also years of experience within the HGV industry, enabling us to provide you with a fantastic level of both LGV and HGV training London. So if you would like to open new doors and take a different career path in the driving industry, why not enrol on one of our courses today.

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