Review by Chris Baker

Posted on 20th February 2012 By Steve Clark

Dear Sirs,

I’ve just passed my C and C+E tests using your company and uncharacteristically thought I’d drop you a quick line to air my thoughts.

Kev helped me through my rigid course an due to a small driving fault on my part, I managed to crack it on the second attempt. Kev was a great instructor and seemed genuinely keen to see me pass.

Will trained me for my C+E. To say i was impressed with his knowledge and commitment would be an understatement. I struggle to retain information on the best of days but Will had a way of not only telling me when I was going wrong, but explaining why and then telling me how to put it right. He remained patient and during each day constantly advised me on every hazard I encountered. Having only just entered into the HGV world (and my new employers throwing me in to the deep end!) I had many questions- from how to navigate the procedure of using a ‘drop box’ to how to use a digi tacho properly. Will seemed genuinely happy to see me succeed in my new career path and went well out of his way to help me. The information I got from him will stay with me. I can’t speak highly enough of him.

If I encounter anyone looking to take their HGV course I will sing Surrey and Hampshire’s praises and send them to you.

Thank you once again.

Happy truckin’

Chris Baker