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Whether it is the Initial CPC Requirement you need to complete first or you just need to get straight on to your 35 Hours CPC Periodic Training, we have crash courses in all aspects of Driver CPC available here in Surrey and Hampshire.

At Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training we pride ourselves on giving the most up to date, fun and informative training that is possible. We know how difficult it can be to learn something new and this can become near on impossible when you are simply bombarded with endless facts and figures. We don’t believe in boring training that lasts days on end. We believe in hard hitting and fun training that teaches you everything you need to know in just a few hours.

That’s why our friendly and dedicated team of instructors do their best to make learning fun and interactive so it’s no wonder we have such high first time pass rates!



We make sure that we go through every possible question you could be asked in your CPC Module 4 exam so that you are fully prepared for the test ahead. More than this, before you even come to your training day, you will be given a list of Module 4 example questions giving you plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the type of things you will need to learn in order to pass your exam. Here are some key features of our training;

  • Your instructor will go through each question in detail making sure you fully understand all of the questions and answers in turn.
  • We make sure that the training is fully interactive and hands on so that you can really get involved.
  • The course will be at one of our training locations in Hook or Chobham and will include a full walk round of the truck with your instructor taking you through the questions in a “show me, tell me” format.
  • You will be shown how to use the different types of restraints and get the chance to have a go making sure you are confident with them all.
  • There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and make sure you understand everything you are taught on the day
  • You will be guided though the test day and what will be expected so that you can go to your exam with all of the knowledge and confidence you need to get the pass result.



On the day of your test you will meet your instructor at the test centre who will be there ready with the truck. The examiner will call you out and check your licence before asking you to show him or her over to your vehicle.

The test will last roughly half an hour and will consist of questions from 5 topic areas. The questions you will be asked you will have gone through during your training so take your time, think about the question being asked and remember to deliver your answer with confidence and enthusiasm. Always remember to use the truck as much as possible, touching, pointing and walking round the different areas as you go. The test is taken with the truck present for a reason, the examiner will be watching to make sure you know what you are talking about and have not just learnt answers. The main question areas that you will be tested on are;

  • The security of your truck and its contents
  • Your ability in assessing emergency situations
  • Your ability in preventing physical risk
  • Your ability in loading your lorry paying attention to safety rules
  • Your ability in preventing illegal immigrants and packages
  • Can you complete a daily walk round check for vehicle safety

Those are the key areas that your training will focus on branching off into other questions for example “Can you show me what checks you would make to tyres, wheels and spray suppression?” This question will show your ability in preventing physical risk and also will be part of your daily walk round safety check. You will need to answer this particular question making sure you include the following;

  • Explain the legal tyre requirements; 1mm tread across ¾ of the width for the entire circumference
  • Make sure there are no flat spots
  • Look for any cuts, rips, bulges in the tyre walls.
  • Look at the bottom of the tyre – if it looks flatter than usual or flatter than the other tyres it may be under inflated; you would need to check the tyre pressure.
  • Explain how you would check the security of the wheel nuts.
  • Check the mudguards and the spray suppression.
  • Check in between the two rear tyres for bricks and other jammed debris that could spin out at speed.


Make sure that when you are going through all of the above points that you are actually demonstrating your answers by physically touching the tyres and showing what you mean whilst also saying what you are doing. Let’s take a look again at the main points to remember for your Module 4 exam;

  • Be confident and enthusiastic with your answers
  • Be hands on with the truck and demonstrate your answers as well as simply speaking them
  • Point and touch the areas of the truck that you are talking about
  • Walk around the whole truck rather than staying in one place if you need to.
  • Use your check sheet that you are given. It is not cheating to use the check sheet. You will always have a check sheet in your work role to complete daily checks, the examiner will want to see you using it to make sure that you don’t miss anything!


Your Module 4 training will be at either our Hook or Chobham yard and will take approximately 3 hours. That’s it! You will learn all that you need to know to confidently pass your CPC Module 4 exam and will just have your test left to do.

Your test is usually on a separate day but can sometimes be on the same day as your training. You will meet your instructor at the Test Centre roughly 20 minutes before your test is due to start to make sure that you are there in time and know what you are doing. The test then takes approximately 35 minutes and you’re done! How’s that for a crash course in the Drivers CPC!


Before you can do the CPC Module 4 exam you will need to take and pass the Module 2 Theory Test first. The Module 2 Theory Test takes approximately 1.5 hours and consists of seven case studies for you to look at and then to answer six to eight questions on each case study. The test will need to be taken at a DSA Theory Test Centre on a computer just like your Multiple Choice and Hazard perception Theory Tests and You will need to take with you both parts of your driving licence, card and counterpart. The questions you will be asked concentrate on vehicle and driver safety and include questions that focus on the following areas;

  • Vehicle Loading Safety Rules
  • Ability to Assess Emergency Situations
  • Social Environment of Road Transport
  • Regulations Governing Carriage of Goods
  • Risks of the Road and Accidents at Work
  • Adopting Behaviour to Enhance Company Image
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Importance of Physical and Mental Ability

Although you only need to complete the Module 2 Theory Test before you can do your Module 4 exam, remember you will also need to do your Module 1 and Module 3 before you can drive your lorry.

The Module 1 is the Hazard Perception and Multiple choice Theory Tests. Each of these is a Theory Test in its own right meaning you can pass one and fail the other but both tests need to be passed in order to get your Module 1 Theory Test Certificate and be eligible to go on to the Module 3 practical test.

The Module 3 is the LGV Category C practical driving exam. Most people either do 4 or 5 days training including their test. Once you have passed this, as well as the Module 2 and 4 exams you will receive a Drivers Qualification Card and can start driving for financial gain.



The Drivers CPC Initial Qualification is made up of the Module 2 Theory Test and the Module 4 Practical Test. It must be completed by any new driver wanting to working for financial gain as well as any driver under the age of 21.

You are classed as a new driver If you passed your car test AFTER January 1997 or gained your C1 licence or above AFTER September 10th 2009.



All truck drivers using vehicles over 3.5 tonnes will need to complete 35 hours CPC Periodic Training every 5 years. This is for any driver whether you have needed to complete the Initail CPC Requirement or not, the only difference will be when you need to complete your first set of 35 hours by. If you have acquired rights on your licence you will need to complete your first set of 35 hours by the deadline of 10th September 2014 or your licence will become invalid for financial gain until the hours are completed. If you are a new driver, you will have 5 years from the date you completed the CPC Initial Requirement to achieve your first 35 hours CPC Periodic Training. Drivers can check how many hours they have completed and how many they have left to do online.


The CPC Periodic training is classroom based learning and does not include a test so you cannot pass or fail. It is purely attendance based. The classroom training can cover a number of modules and will count towards your 35 hours as long as they are approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). At the moment there are no rules in place to say that you cannot repeat the same module over and over to build up your hours however this is likely to change in 2015.


Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training have lots of different modules available that are JAUPT approved and so will count towards your CPC Periodic Training Hours. We make sure that not only will they ensure you are fully compliant with the new legislation but they will also provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to start out as a new lorry driver and to keep you up to date as an existing driver.


Our CPC trainers do their very best to make sure that the training courses are fun and vibrant. We know you may not be thrilled that after potentially being a lorry driver for many years you now need to attend these classroom courses. We go all out to ensure that you will learn something new during your course with us and that you enjoy the experience along the way!




If you are unsure about the Drivers CPC, what it means to you and what parts you need to do then give us a call today on: 01276 537400. You can also click here to fill in a contact form and we’ll call you back. We have a dedicated team waiting to hear from you who will be happy to check your licence for you, ask you questions about your career and what you are looking to achieve and to make sure you are fully up to date with what you need to do. The Drivers CPC doesn’t need to be scary or long winded. We have all of the crash courses in Drivers CPC available to make sure you are a safe and competent driver as well as ensuring that you are compliant with all of the new government legislations.


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