Continental expands popular winter tyre range

Posted on 22nd November 2011 By Charlotte Haye

The demand for truck winter tyres has risen following the harsh winters experienced in the UK and Ireland and Continental has responded to the demand by adding five new tyre sizes in total to its Scandinavia 2 range of winter tyres for truck, bus and coach.

Starting with the drive axle, there are two new low profile sizes on offer namely 295/60 R 22.5 and 315/60 R 22.5. Meanwhile for steer axle, Continental now offers three new tyres for heavier loads in the form of 315/60 R 22.5 XL, 315/70 R 22.5 XL and 355/50 R 22.5 XL sizes. The Scandinavia 2 XL tyres have been engineered to accommodate higher load capacities while at the same time maintaining maximum traction during the winter season.

All steering axle tyres from the new Scandinavia 2 generation feature an intelligent tread design that provides optimum road contact on varying road surfaces. This is achieved through a multitude of lateral and longitudinal grooves as well as sipes in the tread blocks.

The soft tread compound, which was specially developed for the new winter tyres, grips particularly well on ice and compacted snow. The wide rib on the outer shoulder provides optimum support against the lateral forces which occur during cornering.

Tracey Hyem, commercial marketing manager at Continental, said, “During the last few tough winters, Continental Scandinavia winter tyres for tractor units, rigids and semi-trailers proved that optimum traction and fuel economy can be achieved. The new sizes on the Scandinavia 2 generation will provide operators with additional traction and safety on the roads in snowy and icy conditions”.

Over the course of the tyre life, the new Continental Scandinavia 2 changes its product character thanks to its two-phase tread configuration. During winter use, the Scandinavia 2 winter tyre provides the maximum number of gripping edges for improved traction.

As the tyre wears, the tread pattern develops a tread structure similar to a summer tyre thanks to the considerably higher rubber content. This has the cumulative effect of increasing driving stability and fuel consumption, while reducing the need and cost of having two separate sets of tyres for the two seasons.

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