A Credit to the Company

Posted on 9th August 2015 By Charlotte McGhie

I have today just passed my HGV class 2  and would like to take this opportunity to thank Laura firstly for sending me the email with in hours of me passing, congratulating me on my success and secondly for all her assistance in getting my CPC course’s booked, but my main thanks and gratitude has to go to Matt (my instructor) for getting me to the level I needed to be to pass. From previous emails you will have seen people describing Matt as firm but fair and that is how he is. Firm – yes he has to be because he along with the company wants you to pass. Fair – yes because he is, he tells you how it is and where you are going wrong and that’s what you need if you want and have any chance of passing, but he also has the lighter side and gives plenty of praise where needed and warranted. For any of Matt’s future pupils, I would say be thankful, because he will get you to where you need to be but ultimately its up to you. So again I say thank you so very much to Laura but many more thanks to Matt who with out his guidance/instruction I would have floundered and ultimately not past. All persons I’ve had dealings with, do the company proud and are a credit to the company so well done to all??


Richard Watson

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