The Benefits of Choosing a National HGV Training Provider over a Local School

Posted on 8th November 2022 By Geoff_Leapfrog

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If you’ve been thinking of starting a career as a HGV driver, you’re in good company. Lately, the HGV driver shortage has prompted massive demand for people with the right skills to manage lorries, vans, and trucks on the roads of the UK. This means trained professionals can expect higher wages, better job security, and a range of fantastic opportunities in their new career.

However, before you can dive into your new life, you’ll need more than just a driving license. HGV drivers need special training to prepare them for the challenges of these unique vehicles. While local schools might seem like a convenient way to access a quick education at first, there are multiple reasons why you should always consider a National HGV Training Provider first.

Benefit 1: You’ll Have a Lot More Choice

Just because a local school is close to your home, doesn’t mean it’s the right place to get your HGV driving certifications. As anyone who’s compared the market for insurance or electricity before will know, sometimes you need to shop around to get the best results.

HGV Training providers compare the market on your behalf, and give you access to a host of fantastic locations where you can begin your training. This means you can pick the place that’s not only close to you, but also has the best ratings, reviews, and pass scores.

Benefit 2: Help Every Step of the Way

Starting a new career and learning a new skill can be complex. It helps to have someone to guide you through the process from start to finish. Unfortunately, many local schools only provide limited assistance. They can help you out with your practical test, but you’ll still need to figure most things out for yourself. This isn’t the case with a National HGV Training provider.

With a team of dedicated professionals on-hand, your training provider can help you with everything from filling out provisional forms, to studying for your theory test. Plus, you can rest assured there will always be someone on the other end of the phone to answer any questions you might have.

Benefit 3: A Quick Route to Employment

Once you’ve earned your HGV certifications, you’re likely to want to get on the road as quickly as possible. However, even in an area of high-demand like the HGV landscape, it can be tough to find the right employer. That’s why HGV Training providers work with leading national recruitment agencies, to give you endless access to interviews and job opportunities.

At Surrey & Hampshire HGV training, we have team members available to assist with things like polishing your CV, and preparing for job interviews. Plus, we can connect you directly to the employers with the best reputation in your area.

Benefit 4: Pass Protection

Even with a fantastic learning environment and plenty of support from your teacher, there’s a chance you won’t pass your test on the first try. When this happens with a regular local school, it’ll be up to you to book and pay for secondary tests, which can really put a spanner in your career plans.

Alternatively, with a National HGV Training provider, you can get Pass Protection included with your training, to ensure you can re-take your test without paying extra if something goes wrong. This ensures you’ll successfully complete your HGV training faster – even if it takes more than one try.

Choose the Right Course for your Education

At Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training, we’re proud to say we offer a flexible, nationwide training solution, with supportive learning environments, friendly coaching, and consistent advice. We’ll work with you every step of the way to turn your HGV dreams into a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can help you excel in your HGV education.

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