Need For CPC Training Highlighted As VOSA Suspends Operator

Posted on 5th July 2013 By Charlotte McGhie

If you are an HGV driver, you already are aware that you need to complete your CPC training before September 2014. That is, if you want to continue driving. If you are taking this matter lightly, think again; VOSA recently suspended a PCV operator for not complying with this rule.

The suspension was enforced as the operator had not started CPC training courses for its drivers and employees. VOSA stated that the suspension of the operator would stay in place until a minimum of three days required for the CPC training were completed. This shows that the government is extremely serious about enforcing this new rule.

Why the Need for CPC Training

CPC training is needed as per a new EU directive. Commercial drivers operating vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes should have the ability to drive safely and efficiently. If operators and drivers do not comply with this new requirement, they will not be able to operate their vehicles outside the UK. For many transport and haulage companies, this can be a dangerous situation as they operate throughout the UK and Continental Europe, andiIt would affect their business adversely. Hence, if you are a haulage- or transport-oriented business operating in the UK and Europe, you should seriously consider imparting CPC training to your workers. The same holds true for independent drivers, as well.

Finding the Right CPC Training Course

For many drivers and companies, the cost of the training programme is the main deterrent. However, with VOSA threatening to shut down PCV operators, companies and drivers do not have much choice but to opt for CPC training.

This is where we here at Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training come in. We specialises in providing high-quality HGV training in London, Surrey, Hampshire and other surrounding areas. The company has a team of dedicated HGV trainers who impart the best training possible, and ensure that you get your HGV licence quickly and effortlessly. Whether you are an experienced driver or a fresher, you can rely on Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training to train you the correct way and at a competitive price.

Contact Surrey & Hampshire HGV Training immediately and you will not have to worry about VOSA suspending your operations; you can get in touch with us by phone or using our website’s online contact form.


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