Request for DCPC review

Posted on 5th June 2012 By Charlotte Haye

Truckers World is calling on the Department for Transport, DVLA and JAUPT to jointly carry out a full review of the current implementation of the Drivers CPC.

Barrie Tozer of Truckers World says that drivers from all backgrounds should be consulted to obtain their opinion, concerns and issues on the implementation presently in place.

Tozer says that training is beneficial and helps to promote better standards of driving and safety on the road. Many drivers consider that the implementation has many flaws, which makes it unacceptable and will not benefit them or the public in general. This is demonstrated by the very slow take up on the training, according to Tozer.

With a full review and consultation with drivers, changes can be implemented to make it more acceptable, thereby giving better results, which will be more beneficial to all road users.

A full review is needed before the country loses many long term, highly qualified, experienced, older and part time drivers who help the new drivers entering our profession with help and advice

To sign the ePetition click on the following link:

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