HGV Driver Profile Needs to Adapt For Driver Shortage to End Claims Transport Committee

Posted on 6th October 2016 By Charlotte McGhie

A report has been released emphasising the prominent driver shortage crisis that continues to rise within the haulage industry. With 40,000 more drivers to leave by 2017 on top of the existing 45,000-60,000 deficiency, The Transport Committee have released a report to try and tackle the problem.

How did the problem begin?

Firstly, people are reluctant to work as an HGV driver. There is a lot of criticism around the profession, from cost of licence acquisition to working conditions. However what many don’t know is that an HGV driver can earn up to £29,000. The massive demand for drivers also confirms job security, as companies are always looking for drivers.

Secondly, the industry is dominated by white males over 45, according to the study carried out by the Transport Committee with 92% being men, only 1% of LGV drivers under 25 years old and 3% of drivers were from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME).

How can the industry change to end these problems?

The chair of the committee, Louise Ellman MP calls to “the drivers of the future” i.e. BAME, females and young drivers and to change public opinion of an HGV driving career, by enticing prospect drivers with proper training facilities and schemes to start their career.

Freight Transport Committee (FTA) have also tried to help contribute the demands by releasing many different schemes for young drivers. They have also started many campaigns to raise awareness of the shortage and to encourage more drivers to take up the role.

A raise in awareness, reduction in career stigma and the union of Government and industry, the driver shortage will hopefully improve.

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