Class 2 HGV Training in Surrey

Posted on 23rd August 2010 By Charlotte Haye

In the current economic climate it’s more important than ever that the country’s workforce continues to invest in personal skill development of all kinds, including HGV (LGV) licensing.  Successful receipt of these qualifications can revolutionise an individual’s career prospects regardless, but it’s more cost effective if the candidate is able to pass the driving test first time. The key to avoiding multiple costly failures is to invest in HGV training Surrey and the nearby areas from a reliable provider like Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training. We offer competitively priced training which is comprehensive, accessible and delivered in a friendly environment.

The class 2 licence, also known as the category C LGV licence allows drivers to operate vehicles over 3.5 tonnes with any number of axels. This particular qualification can be a useful addition to any driver’s repertoire which enhances the CV and ensures that work can be found in even the most difficult of times.

However the process by which a licence of this kind is attained is far from simple, and without specialist knowledge the road to becoming qualified is long and difficult. Thankfully, here at Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training we have an experienced team of welcoming professionals who take it upon themselves to guide pupils through every stage of the HGV driver training process.

From sourcing funding if applicable to attaining your provisional licence, right through to helping you find suitable employment once qualified, we work alongside you at every hurdle. Our industry knowledge is essential in avoiding common errors and mistakes which ultimately cost money.

For more information regarding how to gain a HGV licence of any kind, take a look at our clear and concise website. Therein, candidates can find information regarding our HGV training Surrey and the surrounding areas. As we tailor each and every course to a specific learner’s needs and style we can help to significantly increase your chances of success.

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