Demand for Drivers in the Run Up to Christmas

Many stores and retailers call the time between the 1st of October and the end of December the ‘Golden Quarter’. This is because if all the sales promotions go as planned, they can confidently expect their turnover to rise significantly during this period. It does not take too much extrapolating to see that this massive boost to the retail industry can and does easily spill over into other complementary businesses.

The Post Office gets a big boost in business as people send Christmas cards and gifts to family members far away, packaging suppliers see their sales soaring to annual highs and delivery companies find themselves swamped with orders, with their drivers working long hours to stay on top of demand. This seasonal spike in business often sees delivery companies searching desperately for new drivers to help ease the burden and prevent any backlog or undue delay in deliveries.

More people are turning to online shopping every year as they realise that they can avoid the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping on the high street. Sitting at home in comfort with a cup of tea to hand takes a lot of the effort out of gift buying and in turn adds to the available work for delivery drivers as they now have to deliver parcels that would, in years gone by, have been taken home by the shopper themselves.

If you are unemployed or unhappy in your current job, why not think about becoming a HGV driver? You must have a regular driving licence and befit and healthy enough to able to lift and move many parcels each day, whilst being a people person helps as you can meet hundreds of different people each week.
Being able to interact well with customers can go a long way to impressing them, not only with your driving, but with the retail establishment from which they bought their goods. Happy customers will shop again and again, keeping you and your colleagues in work!

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